6 Pet Safety Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Pet Safety

Winter weather is no fun for people or for animals. Dangerously cold temperatures mean you need to take some precautions to make sure your pets stay warm and healthy. If you know someone who lets their pets stay outside please warn them that pets get hypothermia too!

Signs of Hypothermia in Pets:

  • Violent shivering, followed by listlessness
  • Problems breathing
  • Weak pulse
  • Lethargy
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Lack of appetite


1. If you walk your dog outside put a dog sweater or jacket on them. It makes a difference in their body temperature.

2. Don’t let your dog off the leash on snow or ice. Their since of smell doesn’t work as well when the grass is covered and if they get away from you they may get lost. More pets get lost in winter than any other season. Reminder; always have your pets micro-chipped and tagged in case they get lost!

3. Keep your pets away from frozen ponds and water. I knew a man who went to rescue a cow on the ice and fell through. He would have drowned except that a neighbor saw it happen. He and the cow were saved.

4. If you spill anti=freeze, clean it up. It smells sweet and your pets may lick it up. It’s deadly to animals so be careful!

5. Salt used for de-icing is toxic and if they lick their paws after walking on it, it will make them sick. Be careful where you walk your dog!

6. If you take your pet with you somewhere don’t leave them in a car. Just like a car can get too hot in the summer, it can get too cold in the winter.

I hate seeing animals mistreated and if you see someone who is not taking care of their pets during the winter then the site above says, to call animal control or the sheriff’s office and “Take note of the date, time, exact location and the type of animal(s) involved and write down as many details as possible about the situation. Video and photographic documentation of the animal, the location, the surrounding area, etc. (even a cell phone photo) will help bolster your case.)”