Handmade Cotton Dog Leash - Colors


Handmade Cotton Dog Leash

Compliment your favorite dog collars or harnesses with a sturdy, durable, hand-held, or waist-worn dog leashes for training, walking, and running. With our Handmade Cotton Dog Leash , you can enjoy a walk in the park with your dog obediently at your heels. 

Of course, our furry friends need to learn first how to do these things. That is why it is always best to start by training them on their leash. But a dog leash is not only great for training purposes — but it’s also an important safety tool for your pooch and others around you. It may look nothing more than a simple cord with a hook on one end and a loop handle on the other, but true dog leashes can help save lives. With these top dog leashes, you can easily pick out the most appropriate product for your mutt.


  • Control your dog easily
  • Durable and Safe
  • Give enough freedom to your dog
  • Greater Visibility
  • Quality finish


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