Dog Carrier Backpack


Dog Carrier Backpack

With our Dog Carrier Backpack, you no longer have to worry about leaving your furry friend at home... all alone. Did you know over 5 million dogs in US alone suffer from dog separation anxiety? Designed with both style and comfort in mind, our functional dog carrier backpack is the ultimate way to spend time with your dog. Stay active and do all your activities with your dog like gong hiking, walking, cycling, or simply hanging out.

The drawstring design is adjustable according to the pet's head size, gives them a comfortable breathing space.
The buckle design inside the carrier can connect with the pet's collar which will prevent pets get out, and protect the pet's safety.
Adjustable shoulder straps and the backside with padding can reduce the burden, ease your shoulder's pressure, easy to carry.

Designed for carrying pets when you are out or traveling, and then you can take care of your pets.
With a mesh pocket on both sides, it allows you to put into phones, keys, cards, pet toys, or other items you like.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
It gets a lot of laughs! 😀

I stuff my dog in here and take him for walks because he loves being outside! It's hilarious and all the neighbors get a kick out of him. His name is Goose and the next thing I need for him is a cool hat and some shades!! 😎
It's pretty comfortable and seems well built. Being that we are in Florida, I was concerned it might be too hot for him to be in the bag for an hour walk, but there are many pockets around the bag you could use for keys, phone, pet treats or whatever and I put a few ice packs in the outside pouches to keep the temp comfortable. Also there is a padded board that rests in the bottom and is removable- but it makes a nice soft flat base for your pet. I could also put a cold pack under the board if needed. There is even a thoughtful tether inside the pet compartment that allows you to clip it to their collar to further restrain them if they tried to get out for some reason. Im very impressed with product quality and comfort! A++

At first he didn't like it but then he calmed down and fell asleep

I bought this for my Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix, he's 13.5 pounds so I bought the Large. At first he didn't like it but then he calmed down and fell asleep. I'm looking forward to using it on trips! Thank you!

Five Stars

I use this pack all the time for my Chihuahua (see photo) for cycling. Its of good quality. There is a knack to getting it on, l find its best to cross the straps over your chest corner to corner. I hold one strap in my teeth while fixing the first strap in place.
My dog is avarege Chihuahua size and lve got the large size pack. It wouldnt fit anything bigger.

turdy, comfy and has given us the freedom to be out of the house with new puppy

This carrier is AMAZING! Sturdy, comfy and convenient for both myself and my new puppy, 2.5 months old. The books say the puppy's socialisation period is up to 12 weeks, so having this carrier to take him with me out of the house has been invaluable: school run, shop, bus ride, friends' houses. He loves it. He is 3kg and the large still has plenty of room left. I see this lasting for some time and will definitely buy the next size up once he outgrows the medium. Much more convenient than a side sling or any other sling type carrier for dogs that I have seen or tried. Totally worth every penny!

A great way to carry your Pet.

This Pet Backpack arrived well packaged in a plastic bag

The Bag contained 1x Pet Backpack

We've recently got ourselves a little dog, and we're now having fun getting all the bits and bobs that go with him. As he's only a little dog and we tend to go to a lot of outdoor events I wanted an easy way of carrying him if things get busy and this looked perfect for our needs.

I got a medium size and it looks like its going to be perfect for our King Schnauzer. He's still got a bit of growing to do but there's plenty of room in the backpack. The Backpack itself seems well made, I noticed a review where a strap had come loose, but can only assume this was a manufacturing defect as I'd tugged on all of the straps / stitching and it seems very solid. There's a PVC coated base in the backpack to provide a stable footing for your pet. The bag is made from a durable nylon mesh which allows plenty of ventilation for your pet, there is a drawstring around the head hole to ensure your pet doesn't jump out. The design of the shoulder straps ensure a good and comfortable fit when being worn, and there's a waist belt for added stability There are also some very handy pouches for any accessories your pets might require. I think these are a great idea as it leaves your hands completely free.

I'm really looking forward to using this bag with my Pup, yes you might look a little daft but your pet's will be carried in style :)

And the they support the cause which I really liked. Thank you Labrador You