Dog Puzzler Treat Dispenser


Dog Puzzler Treat Dispenser

IQ STIMULATION -åÊWe all know that phyical exercise is important for our dogs, but that is only half of the equation. As intelligent creatures, mentalåÊexercise is as important as physical exercise for them. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate your dogs mentally. Entice them with treats and watch them push, flip,åÊtug, roll the puzzle to unlock their treat!

BOREDOM BUSTERåÊ-åÊWith the different grooves and colours, this toy is designed to stimulate their natural curiosity and stave off their boredom. Watch them get occupied with some sniffing detective work! As the saying goes.. an occupied dog is a happy dog.
INTERACTIVEåʉÛÒ For your furry friend and yourself, the push-pieces are easy to manoeuvre and it encourages them to make good decisions, it also makesåÊfor an easy clean up process.
UALITYåʉÛÒ BPA FREE product. Wear and chew resistant, this durable toy had non-slip padding on the bottom for extra grip on the floor while your pet plays.

SIZINGåʉÛÒ With 3 different designs available, you can select your preferred design to suit your pet‰۪s personality. The average height and width of the toy is 23cm/9‰۝. It varies slightly for the different designs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Rosalind Gerlach

Super quality and very very sturdy!

Clyde Senger

Great product! We use it on our pup when we’re going out for a couple of hours. Keeps her occupied as we’re leaving the house. Very durable- our cockapoo tears everything apart but this has kept its form!

Mallory Weimann

Great puzzle for our pup! She’s only 4 months old so thought intermediate might be a bit tricky but she’s quickly mastered it. Will have to try a hard one next! She loves it though, keeps her amused for a bit even when she’s got all the treats out she still goes looking for more. Also seems strong so can’t see her biting any pieces off or anything. Would recommend!

Rosalee Morar

It’s challenging for Tucker but he is persistent and he gets them all! Good job Tucker! He’s a senior and puzzles keep his mind sharp.

Kellen Kutch

I actually bought this for a full grown Siberian Husky. It’s pretty simple to solve and takes a couple minutes for him to get all the treats out. He owns serval puzzles and this is one of his favorites. He tries to bite on it and aggressively paws at it, yet it is still in very good condition.