Extra Large Wood Outdoor and Indoor Extreme Weather Resistant Pet Shelter Pet House Pet Log Cabin Dog House


åÊExtra Large Wood Outdoor and Indoor Extreme Weather Resistant Pet Shelter Pet House Pet Log Cabin Dog House

This dog house offers your pet a comfortable home and a comfy hideaway to resist terrible weather conditions.

Constructed of durable fir, this solidly built dog house stands up to the most of terrible weather conditions. The flat and hinged roof is covered with durable red asphalt and can be opened using two locking arms for additional ventilation. The extra-high feet allow you to level the house on uneven ground and also provide extra circulation underneath.

This design will help keep the floor cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Don‰۪t hesitate to get one for your pet!

  • Made of pine wood with oil-coated anti-corrosive paint and is very durable

  • Aslant asphalt roof can resist hot sunshine and cold rain to ensure a comfortable inner

  • An open entrance with off-center design provides extra protection and excellent air circulation


  • Color: Brick Red
  • Material: Pine
  • Asphalt Size X-Large (43.5"L x 29.5"D x 31.5"H)
  • Overall Product Weight: 50 lbs
  • Door size: 20.5" H x 11.5"L
  • Capacity weight: 55-66lbs

Package includes:

  • 1 x Dog House
  • 1 x Instruction

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Taylor Tarantello
You and your dog can build this in an hour and love it.

This is a good deal. A quality dog house that is easy to construct.

We purchased the medium size dog the house fits our dog perfectly, with a extra room to shelter from any bad weather that may come by. With the short feet it is off the ground and clear of any water that may pool on our porch.

This house comes ready to assemble. It only requires a #1 Philips screwdriver. The instructions are simple and clear.
Step 1 Assemble the sides.
Step 2 Install the floor.
Step 3 Install the roof.

Yes that that easy. All hardware is included, and extra screws, bolts and nuts are included for those of us the lose parts or cross thread them. All holes are pre drilled and pointed out in the instructions. IKEA could learn a thing or two from these peoples.

The hinged roof allows for easy access to the interior of the dog house, an added plus.

To finish up the project I added a plastic entry door (sold by TRIXIE) and mat for the floor.
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Bella Levy
Perfect for Maltipoo

1.We received the product before the delivery date promise.
2. We inspect the product with NO Damaged.
3. Easy to install and all material like screw has it with spare.
4. My husband and I decided to put another DIY opening stopper to get a little light from outside during the day. So he can see his food.
5. Perfect with my Maltipoo which he weigh only 10 - 12 lbs. Another dog that will fit into this dog house would be the pure breed Pug which is I know bec my brother has one of this kind of pet. This Dog house will NEVER fit Labrador just a heads up.
6. I will add some DIY insulation cos I have more space.
7. I have more space to place his food and water inside of this house.
8. It's very nice! I don't have to worry about Santa Ana wind.
9. We added a small night light during the night.
10. I will update you with photo.

Angie Dyer
Great dog house great for other outdoor pets. Open top and removable floor for easy cleaning.

Wife decided bought this dog house for your desert tortoises. I was a little concerned with some of the bad reviews with packaging. But went ahead and ordered it because it is sold and ship by Amazon. The package came in pretty good condition. Only one small part of package is damaged.
Assembly of the dog house is fast and simple. You do need a screw driver and a pliers(long nose is easier) for the assembly. It took probably less than 30 min from start to finish.
1. really easy to assemble. the only part I had to think about it is placing the metal hinges. Instruction is not too clear.
2. light enough that my wife can move it around in the backyard.
3. open top and removable floor panels for easy cleaning.
1. only thing I question is the weather proofing. I am not sure how good is the water seal. Tortoises wastes stained the wood a little. I may have to reseal as recommended by other buyer.

Overall we are happy with this dog house and wife is ready to buy another one for bigger tortoises. Even though the packaging was damaged through transport but wood only suffered a slight nick. The manufacture does offer replacement parts if needed.

Marie Raso
Good for the price!

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this product so I felt obligated to post my two cents. This dog house is everything you would expect for a $130 product. We were considering building our own but when we calculated the cost of materials we were already in excess of $150 and we would have spent an entire weekend building it.

Pros: I purchased this in the XL for my 60lb pitbull and my 25lb corgi mix to share and it is plenty spacious for them. It is attractive looking and sturdy enough for them to bound in and out of it without it breaking. The hinged top is awesome, and the removable floor is sweet too. I really like that it's up off the ground so it won't get all wet in the weather. It only took about an hour to assemble and was very straightforward. They both went right in and took a nap, so I think they approve. It also smells nice.

Cons: I had to stain it to weatherproof, but I painted it to match my house so it looks great. The wood is very thin and somewhat flimsy and I suspect that I will need to put some effort into insulating it further if the pups are going to stay warm in it this winter. The floor is a thin material and I'm almost certain that I'll have to replace it at some point. The hinge arms that hold the top together are total junk and I threw them out instead of installing them. The hinges on the back of the roof are pre-installed, but there are these arms that are supposed to prevent it from opening too far and snapping off, fortunately mine is up against the wall of my garage so it don't need the arms to ensure it doesn't fall open.

In summary, if you're looking for a dog house that's as sturdy as a human house or if you have a really large destructive dog I wouldn't buy this product. If you're looking for a reasonably priced dog house and you're willing to put some effort into making it weatherproof and insulated then this is a great product.

Margarita Amor-Lomarda
Great product

Excellent value for money. I bought this for my two cats who live outdoors. Extremely easy to assemble and very sturdy. I’ve put a bath at in the bottom so they’ve got something warm and soft to lie on and they are in their element in their new gaff. Would definitely recommend.