Flat Bed For Dogs


Flat Bed For Dogs

All Dogs Need A Quality Bed.åÊ A Special, Easy To Take Care Of,åÊ and a Cozy Bed For Your Furry Little Loved Ones. J.S. Carney himself has 3 dogs and 2 cats that are the loves of his life.


  • Safe and security:åÊmade of high-quality soft PP cotton, with luxury memory foam and support foam, no odor, non-toxic, healthy and comfortable for your dog
  • Durable and practical:åÊPure color with short velvet fabric, comfortable and breathable material, resistant to tearing, not easily damaged
  • Multiple functions:åÊThere are also relieve painful pressure points on this bed, Elderly dogs and dogs with arthritis and other joint concerns need thick, supportive beds.
  • Washable and easy to clean:åÊHigh-stretch PP cotton, which can be washed and machined without deformation.
  • Fashion and special design for dogs:åÊthe bone image in bed make it attractive to dogs, the anti-slip bottom makes it not easy to move when your dog is sleeping.

Size Guide

S 45 x 35 cm
M 60 x 45 cm
L 75 x 53 cm
XL 90 x 60 cm
XXL 105 x 70 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Kiera Mayer

I actually really like these beds foe the price they're honestly a bargain. I bought two. They're not super cushioned but they are decently cushioned considering the price. I use them on our beds around the apartment to keep fur from getting all over the comforter. They're easily vacuumed as well, I do use arm&hammer carpet pet cleaner to help keep them fresh and hair free twice a week. But they're really good for the price. Both my cat and dog like to lay on them.

Guido Becker

It's true - from the moment I put this bed into our Border Collies cage - we can't get her out. She absolutely loves it

Orpha McDermott

i got this for my couch as my 2 puppies (Iggies) wrestle around and jump on the couch. The size i ordered was the 75 . This is too big to fit exactly on the couch but surprisingly stays pretty well with the running and jumping. They have chewed on it and it is still intact, not sure if constant chewing would hold up but they seemed to lose interest as they could not tear it up. Happy with the purchase and with the durability and protection it will provide

Marcos Goldner

I bought this for my new puppy because of the great reviews and low price- knowing he will grow out of it soon I didnt want to make a huge investment yet. I got the smallest size and it was a lot smaller than i thought, i read the measurements so that wasnt the surprise its the fact its not as fluffy as i thought. It soft, but not extremely soft. It actually feels a little rougher than i thought and i guess i just expected a super cuddly soft full thicker bed..however for the price I think its great and it fits perfect in our small crate. Maybe the bigger it gets the more thick and full it feels?? not sure but for a first time bed that your dog will grow out of, you cant go wrong with this. Im sure my dog will enjoy it.

Imelda Lockman

I ordered this dog bed so, we don’t have to constantly worry about moving a bed into the kennel each night. This bed fits perfectly into our 24 inch dog kennel. Our pup loves sleeping on it and has no problems. It’s very soft and looks great. Great for small dogs!