Lightweight Waterproof Dog Training Shock Collar with Remote for Large/Small Dog


Lightweight Waterproof Dog Training Collar with Remote for Large/Small Dog, 330Yards (3 Modes)

Why My Dog Needs This Training Collar? 

Whether you want to correct excessive barking or aggressive leash pulling, or you just want to add security to off-leash walking, Lightweight Waterproof Dog Training Collar / E collar with Remote helps you to control your best friend from up to 330 yards away.

Just because they're small, doesn't mean they can't have bad habits. With this shock collar, stop your small/large dog's biting, barking, scratching, and other habits at just the tap of a button.

Stopping unwanted barking, chewing, and other mischief in your small dog has never been easier thanks to the Lightweight Waterproof Dog Training Shock Collar. This shock collar includes a built-in rechargeable battery paired with a fast charger, eliminating the need to buy extra batteries every few months. It's also water-resistant and durable, meaning you don't have to panic if your dog is playing outside when it starts to rain or if your dog decides to go for a swim in the pool. Control the intensity of the shock, sound, or vibration from up to 1,000 feet using the sleek and modern remote, which features a large illuminated screen for ease of reading and accessible buttons.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and effectively train up to dog from up to 330 yards away;  bright collar is highly visible for added safety.
  • Helps correct barking, wandering off, aggressive leash pulling, approaching strangers and more; safe for use on all dogs 10 pounds and larger.
  • 3 training modes including shock, vibration, and tone, with 9 adjustable levels of vibration and shock. - Shocking can be too intense for some dogs, which is why this collar also comes with sound and vibration modes. Switch between nine levels of intensity to find the setting right for your pup.

It offers 3 training modes including static shock, vibration, and beep, with 9 adjustablelevels of vibration and shock, so you can fine-tune the correction level to achieve positive results with any pup.

  • Device is rechargeable, waterproof and includes a power-saving movement sensor; innovative contact points are made of conductive rubber to prevent skin irritation.
  • Our product use green materials in the whole process of production, and according with the CE RoHS certification

  • Intuitive button layout design allows for “blind” operation without needing to look at the remote.
  • Product Dimensions: Transmitter: 11*5*1.5cm(4.32*1.96*0.59 inch), Rechargeable
    Receiver: 6*3*2.5cm (2.36*1.18*0.98 inch): Rechargeable, Waterproof design;
  • Fits all dogs weighing from 15lbs to 110lbs,adjustable with a TPU belt from 9.5 to 26 inches.

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fantastic and very mild on the pet. It just gets their attention back to you when needed

My Chorkie is relatively well behaved. But off leash it’s all a big game to her. She runs wild when outside. The vibration mode at its lowest setting is all it took to get her back in track. I got my collar yesterday morning and enforced “no” with the collar. By evening we were leashes wandering the neighborhood. And today went on a bike ride at the river and she behaved perfectly. I did not have to push the button at all. I could not be happier.

Nice vibration only collar

The remote worked great, and the collar is a great idea. I like that it uses vibration only and that there is no shock element. My cat is very aggressive but responded when I activated the vibration. However, over time, she became used to the sensation and didn't respond. I do have a very unusual cat though as she is a Savannah. The collar is definitely worth a try nevertheless. The remote range is adequate as well.

So far so good - deaf dog tool

We discovered our puppy is deaf, and needed a way to get her attention. Our options are to train her to constantly check in with us visually or use a tool like this - the tool seems more practical for us. We have a large fenced yard, and once she does her business we let her off leash to run around. I can easily get her attention with just a touch of a button now. She is small, and I didn't want a shock collar given we have kids who might hit the wrong button! It doesn't seem to bother her (she's 8 pounds currently - projected to be 15 or so) wearing it, and we are currently training her on it as a "watch me" command - get her attention with the vibration, followed by a hand signal command. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the traditional buckle makes it harder to take it on and off, esp. given the recommendation not to wear it more than 8 hours a day. We take it off when we crate her - which as a pup is a lot, and she can be so wiggly trying to get it on/off! I wish it was a quick release buckle. may see if I can covert it. Otherwise, it is as advertised and so far so good.

A++++ customer service.

So far so good. I like the tone feature. It is enough to get his attention. Customer service is the best. I had an issue, my fault, with the collar and the sent me a replacement right away. A+ service.

Fantastic Training Collar!

I had purchased another training collar for my dog at a local pet store and it was terrible! I came on here and saw this one and decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. Best. Purchase. EVER. From the very first time I pressed the sound button when he started to bark at the door, he stopped after only one bark and came running to me. He has almost completely stopped digging (which is why I bought it to start with) and if I catch him digging and activate the sound, he stops and walks away. Tonight we were out on a walk and there was a dead duck on the path and he started to go toward it (he's a bird dog, mind you!) and when I pressed the button, he didn't even go to it, but rather came to me. I always use vocal commands with the sound and it has worked every time. GREAT PRODUCT!

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