Nylon Reflective Hawaiian Edition Harness Soft Dog Harness


Nylon Reflective Hawaiian Edition Harness Soft Harness

A creative spin on our most popular harnesses. Inspired by the bold Hawaiian colors and floral patterns, this Truelove Dog Harness is a special edition and with a guarantee to make your dog fabulous!
Part of our most advanced harnesses to date with easy front clip-on and off. Together with double stitching, these harnesses are suitable for small and large dogs, even the strong pullers. The stainless steel rings, are durable and provide large loading capacity and tensile strength.
There are two attachment points for extra dexterity and control; this harness attaches in the normal back/neck area and also under the stomach, where it is also softly padded for the comfort of your dog. Positioned on the back of these harnesses, there is a handle for better control of movement, which can also be used to attach safety belts.
Scroll down below and look at the product description to find the perfect fit for your dog.


Available in two Hawaiian inspired styles and colors.
To find the perfect size for your dog, please measure your dog’s chest circumference in the position shown on the diagram.

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