Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Leash


Personalized Leather Dog Collar with Leash

We all know that puppies are irreplaceable pieces in our clumsy heart. Sometimes they like to chase butterflies, and ultimately cannot find their way home. A custom-engraved collar is there to ensure that even when the unfortunate situation happened, our puppies could return to us safe and sound.

🧡 Getting this collar and leash with pride knowing that a percentage of your purchase goes towards dog charity. Part will go to rescuing dog, and part will go to providing protection, shelter, and care to animals in need around the world 🧡 

This COMBO set contains:

  • One Premium Leather Custom-Engraved Puppy Collar: Its design is elegant, simple, but classy. Made with premium leather materials in various color options, you can undoubtedly find a style that matches your puppy's vibe. The tag is engraved by the highest quality laser system in the market.
  • One Premium Leather Puppy Leash: Our premium leather puppy leash design is beautiful but minimalist. It synchronizes seamlessly with our personalized tag and together offers a complete package of happiness :) 

We believe our puppies deserve the best. So is yours!

Note: This item requires that you include your Pet's Name and the Phone # you wish to include on the tag. Please provide the same as a note at checkout page. (LOLA 123 456 7890)

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