Red Plaid Dog Collar with Leash


Red Plaid Dog Collar with Leash

Christmas is one of the best times to dress up your dog for festive photos. If your pooch isn’t crazy about clothing or costumes, don’t worry: that’s what Christmas dog collars are for! Holiday collars are a wonderful way to observe the season while keeping your pet comfortable.

  •  Hand Sewn with 100% cotton for soft, comfortable wear
  •  Quality collar with strong metal hardware
  •  Adjustable sizing for the perfect fit
  •  Removable and easy collar attachment bowtie

Sizing Guide


Size     Width           Length

XS   5/8" /1.6cm     8-12" /20-31cm

S    4/5" /2.0cm      10-16" /25-41cm

M   1.0" /2.5cm      12-22" /31-56cm

L   1.2" /3.1cm       16-24" /41-60cm 

XL  1.5" /3.8cm      16-26" /41-66cm


Size   Width         Length

XS  1/2" /1.3cm   4ft /122cm

S    3/4" /1.9cm   4ft /122cm

M   3/4" /1.9cm   5ft /152cm

L    1.0" /2.5cm   5ft /152cm

XL   1.0" /2.5cm  5ft /152cm

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