Wood Pet Dog House with Roof Balcony & Bed Shelter


Wood Pet Dog House with Roof Balcony & Bed Shelter

proper outdoor dog house is made to provide your furry friend with a sense of security and protection from various weather conditions. 

Simple but fashionable, the dog house with side ladder makes it a deluxe pet home and creates a comfortable space to rest or to play.


You've got a problem, and we've brought you a solution with Outdoor/Indoor Dog House Raised Roof Balcony Wooden Dog House

This wooden house is perfect for your lovely pets, especially recommended for puppies and small dogs.

Equipped with a balcony and a raised bottom to keep your pet dry from the rain, offering various entertainments such as a ladder to climb, house to live in, and balcony for sunbathing. Removable roof and bottom are convenient for cleaning.

This new dog wooden house is perfect for your lovely pets, especially recommended for puppies. It features a balcony hanging out and a raised bottom to keep them dry from the rain.

The removable roof and bottom are convenient for cleaning. The deluxe construction with side ladder provides a comfortable and superior house for your pets like family. Welcome! High quality with competitive price can be realized here!
1. Simple Assembly is required according to the instruction.
2. It is designed for small dogs. Please refer to the size attached below before purchasing.

Key Benefits

  • Provides two comfortable areas for your pal―a sheltered lounge and a comfy veranda with latticework and steps.
  • Made of natural cedar that resists extreme temperatures and humidity, making it perfect for outdoor use.
  • Lightweight construction and beautiful style make it ideal to bring it indoors when you want.
  • Natural cedar has a calming, woodsy scent that can help your pal relax while in the house.
  • Easy to clean with removable roof top and bottom panels and easy to assemble with included hardware and instructions.

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